Powered by Battery in 2020

Welcome to the new year! Just a quick note and a promise that as 2020 begins so will an increase in stories here at Powered by Battery. Lots of battery powered tools in my arsenal for review and more coming my way (an EV truck is definitely in my future and I’ll be exploring options this year). Plus, we’ll keep an eye on the headlines.

In the meantime, there is no reason to finally get out a review of EGO’s Power+ Snow Blower Single-Stage (SNT2100) in the coming weeks. I have a year’s worth of videos and enough wear and tear to tell you what I think of this battery-powered snow blower. A really quick teaser of how it handles wet heavy snow of about 3-4 inches is below.

This is the EGO handling 3 to 4 inches of heavy rate snow. It’s not throwing the heavy wet snow far (neither is my neighbor’s two-stage gas) but it’s getting the job done.

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Information technologist, former meteorologist. Camper, hockey dad, and bicyclist.

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